Sigrún® is a premium tennis and racquet sports apparel brand based in New York designed to keep your head in the match.


/ ˈsiɡˌ rũː n / • "si-groon"

  1. meaning victory rune
  2. the name of a Norse valkyrie, a god-like female warrior with the power to choose who lived or died in battle
  3. a tennis champion

The Sigrún valkyrie is a victorious female warrior, and a perfect representation for a beautiful sport that relies on your preparation and strength, both mental and physical, to win your own battles on the court.


As players ourselves, we are committed to designing products for and supporting tennis and other racquet sports.

We're competitors. We want to win. We're constantly striving for that perfect point of nirvana somewhere between extreme intensity and a laser-focused calm. We feel our best when we're confident in what we're wearing and we want what we wear to represent our individuality.

We're athletes (tennis players to be specific) and we respect the historical aesthetic of the sport, but we're made for today.

We're not one-dimensional (even if we keep getting burned by your down-the-line backhand) and despite being a solo sport, we're part of a team whether it's singles or doubles.

That's why we we're here. We make our apparel so you can keep your head in the match because everyone knows you play better when you're not worried about other things.


We care about sustainability as much as you do. Learn more about our commitment to premium quality and sustainability.