Sigrún™ is an American tennis brand based in New York and was founded in early 2020 to create tennis clothing designed to inspire and perform – clothing that is made for tennis athletes, innovative and focused on being more sustainable. Tennis sportswear has an iconic place in culture with a rich history of style and elegance dating back as far as the 12th century. We respect this history while also moving forward - redefining what you wear to the country club or the public courts with clothing designed for today’s tennis players.

sigrun valkyrie inspired to perform

The Sigrún valkyrie (pronounced "si-groon") is an icon that represents our spirit. Originally a Norse god-like warrior that chose who lived or died in battle, today it represents the ability to choose your own path, the belief that you are responsible for your own victories, and the idea that you can always do and be better. Sigrún represents performance and quality in tennis, but above all, it should inspire you to play, enjoy and share the sport on and off the court. Performance isn't optional for you, and neither is the way you present yourself to the world.

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