Wholesale Conditions

In return for entering into the reseller relationship with Sigrún, you (the "Retailer") agree to the following terms and conditions.

Retailer agrees not to use Sigrún intellectual property without prior approval.  Any rights granted by Sigrún to use Sigrún intellectual property are limited solely to the use specified in such grant of rights. Retailer may use the Sigrún brand name and logo for marketing and promotional purposes related to the sale of Sigrún product.

The sale of Sigrún product is permitted only in physical retail stores (brick and mortar locations).  The sale of Sigrún product is not permitted on any digital, third party or other channel.

Retailer agrees not to modify Sigrún product, such as applying any logos, embroidery, tags, labels, etc. for resale, without prior approval.

Retailer agrees not to advertise below the minimum advertised price (or MAP) and any advertised promotions of Sigrún product must be approved in advance.