Now reading Sigrún origins – a new brand for today’s tennis player
Sigrún origins – a new brand for today’s tennis player

Sigrún origins – a new brand for today’s tennis player

Welcome everyone and thank you to all who are reading this – we appreciate all of your support and are looking forward to more formally launching this summer with our first collections. As we get closer to launch, I wanted to introduce you to the brand in more detail and provide more background on our story. As we go forward on our Journal and newsletters, we will be posting more frequently with unique tennis content and perspectives informed by our brand and celebrating American tennis. Feel free to share our brand and content with your friends and family and as always, reach out with any suggestions, feedback or random thoughts.

Made on the court

I grew up playing tennis competitively and love the sport, but ultimately spent most of my 20’s working in an investment bank chained to my desk and didn’t play for much of that time.  When I picked it up again, I remembered how much I loved tennis and have been playing regularly since. For me, tennis has been a way to escape and to compete – to get out and sweat and feel athletic, despite predominantly sitting in a desk chair for most of the day. Whether I was competing for my team or playing recreationally today, I still can’t help but love hitting that perfect shot, which for me, remains a stretched forehand winner, shortly followed by a slap inside-in forehand.

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I’ve thought about doing something related to tennis since I was in high school and have always had an interest in design (I almost went into architecture in college) and fashion. When it came time to think about my next step after investment banking, tennis was often where my mind went. I remember looking through my closet one day for tennis clothes, not finding anything I liked and thinking this could be something new that I could help bring to the sport.

Together with my fiancé, an experienced retail professional at Ralph Lauren, we decided to create Sigrún, combining both of our passions (tennis, design and fashion) and skillsets (business, finance and retail). We started in early 2020, leaving the corporate world during a global pandemic in one of the most affected cities in the world – not the environment or timing either of us had imagined before we started. While 2020 was challenging and uncertain, it also inspired us and helped define the many values and goals we now have for Sigrún – the American desire to improve; the idea that we can be better and do better; the concept of individuality and diversity; the confidence that we can become exceptional. While this resonates for us in life, it’s also an important part of tennis, particularly as an individual sport where success is almost always determined by the sweat and time spent out on the court trying to improve (and probably equally important – our own mental stability).

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We are based in New York now but have roots across America. We have lived at various points in our life in 9 states (including California, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Massachusetts and Texas, among others), and while New York has helped shape our design, our products are made with influences from across the country and around the world. To us, Sigrún has a style that is altogether minimal, but detailed and unique in a way that is different from other tennis brands today. We care about the details and have embedded that into each of our products. Whether it’s a white tennis polo with innovative fabrics designed slightly differently, t-shirts made to keep you comfortable in the sun or premium cotton off-court tennis clothes, we are focused on creating simple but elegant and innovative tennis clothing that resonates no matter where you live.

Inspired to perform

We created this brand to bring something new to American tennis, to help grow the sport and support  its local organizations and athletes. Whether it's premium performance apparel, sustainability or innovative technology and style, we want this brand to represent American tennis and what the sport means to its players. Sigrún is meant to capture the heritage of tennis while bringing it forward with contemporary design for today’s players. We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed making them and that Sigrún can inspire you to play, create your own tennis stories and share the sport with your own friends and family.