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Just like we all need a 2nd serve, your clothes need a 2nd chance.  If you're in the U.S., send us your used clothing so that we can donate or recycle them and receive a credit of $20 per filled mailer towards future purchases on our website, up to a limit of 1 mailer per customer. Program and supplies are limited and only available in the U.S. We invite you to upgrade your tennis gear with us.

We've created a simple system for you to send us your used clothing, regardless of what brand it is, and we will donate or recycle it for you - you simply have to pay the cost to ship the bag to you and we will cover the cost of shipping and processing your used items. Simply place the order, fill your bag up when it arrives, and drop it off at your local USPS drop off point with the label affixed. If you prefer to use your own packaging, please email us directly at customerservice@sigruntennis.com.

End of life is one of the most challenging sustainability issues in fashion and sports apparel and we hope that our program helps encourage more people to build lasting habits of re-using and recycling their used clothing, keeping valuable raw materials out of landfills that can be given a 2nd life or reused in new textiles or other products. By donating or recycling your used sports clothing, the garment itself can be worn again, reducing the impact of end of life and creating new garments or if recycled, cotton can potentially have a new life in a shirt or polyester can be used towards plastic households goods.

2ndServ Process Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to send in your used garments and receive your credit. If you have any questions, please reach out to customer service for additional assistance.

  1. Create your account at sigruntennis.com
  2. Order your shipping mailer and specify the amount of garments
  3. Place your clean used garments in the mailer you receive, seal / tape shut and affix the included label to the outside of the mailer over the sent label
  4. Drop off sealed mailer with affixed label at your local USPS drop off
  5. Wait for confirmation and then use your credits for new tennis gear
  6. Feel great that you have new gear and reduced your textile waste in our landfills

How does my credit work?

Once we confirm receipt of your shipped used garments, we will confirm your store credit via email (usually within 5 days) and your credit will be instantly available for use on our website.  Credits must be used within 12 months of receiving.

What clothes can I send?

We accept any clothing item (t-shirts, polos, shorts, pants, hoodies, jackets, denim, etc.). Damaged or severely worn clothes will be recycled while clothes with a useful life remaining will be donated. Currently, recycling technology is limited to being able to recover fibers in fabrics that are primarily one fiber (such as fabric made of 86% or more cotton or polyester). Tri-blends or fabrics with less than 86% one material can still be recycled but post-recycling use cases are limited to things like wash rags or insulation.

How many clothes can I send?

We are currently limited to accepting garments shipped to us via the mailer we provide to you, which can fit approximately approximately 4 t-shirts or 1-2 hoodies for example. Please make sure to fill it up with the maximum number of garments it fits! To the extent you have more garments or want to use your own packaging, please contact us directly. If you want to ship more than the bag that we provide allows, you will be responsible for the additional cost of shipping.

What happens to my clothes?

Once we receive your clothes, we will evaluate them to determine if we can donate or recycle them. If they are in good shape with a useful life remaining, we will donate them to a charity where they can be re-used. If they are no longer useful or damaged, we will recycle them. Recycled clothing is processed and converted or broken down either mechanically or chemically into its individual fibers where it can then be reused in new materials and products.

What about the environmental impact of shipping?

2ndServ is about changing habits around recycling clothing and encouraging better behavior. Less than 13% of clothing and footwear was recycled in the U.S. in 2018 with over 9 million tons going into landfill each year according to the EPA. Sustainability is a process that involves more than just one solution. Ideally, better solutions than shipping small batches of clothing evolve, which we are continually evaluating (and could include aggregated shipping solutions and/or battery powered delivery trucks), but the behavior needs to be changed first.

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